Car Accident Liability for Disabled Drivers

Damaged car after accident

A disabled driver is defined as any person who is unable to safely operate a motor vehicle without some type of special accommodations done to the vehicle. The law allows all disabled people to obtain a driver’s license unless the disability would hinder the safe operation of the vehicle.

Any person who receives a driving license has proved that he or she has the physical ability to drive a vehicle safely. A disabled driver has the same responsibility to drive in a safe, non-negligent manner as any driver would because the law treats a disabled driver just like any driver. If a disabled driver causes a car accident, the standard rule of negligence that applies to all drivers will be applied to the disabled driver to determine the extent of his or her liability.

A disabled individual is granted a driving licence with certain restrictions placed on his or her driving privileges and they must abide by these restrictions. Failure to abide by the rules may lead to a traffic violation.

Some states prohibit a disabled teenaged driver from carrying any non-family passengers in his or her vehicle. If the disabled driver gets into an accident while driving two passengers that are not in their family, he or she will likely be given a ticket for violating traffic laws.

If a disabled driver is required to utilize certain special assistive equipment to operate a vehicle safely, and that driver fails to use that equipment and causes an accident, he or she would most likely be issued a traffic citation.

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