Common Construction Site Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control has stated that construction is one of the most dangerous fields to work in. Construction site accidents may lead to injuries that can be tragic and devastating to the victim, and their family and friends. Some injuries may result in long term effects or permanent disability. Below are some common injuries that occur on construction sites.

Common Construction Site Injuries

  1. Head injury: Head injuries include head trauma, brain injury, concussions and lacerations on the head. They are usually caused by falling debris, objects, or construction tools. Wearing a helmet can protect workers from these injuries.
  2. Spinal cord injury: Spinal cord injury can lead to temporary or permanent disability and sometimes brain damage. Spinal injuries result mostly from falls, off ladders or scaffoldings set up at building site.
  3. Burns/Scarring: Burning injuries are very common on building sites because of the possibility of explosions and fires on building sites due to exposed electric wires, dangerous chemicals, leaking pipes, and other items.
  4. Cuts/Lacerations: Cuts and lacerations can happen due to faulty tools, exposed nails, unsecured machinery and other hazards on site. These type of injuries can be prevented if workers wear protective clothing and gear.
  5. Broken/Fractured/Crushed Bones: Heavy machinery if not properly operated can hit or crush a worker causing serious injuries.
  6. Loss of Hearing: Loss of hearing may result from the loud noises of heavy machinery. It is important to protect the ears by wearing earplugs while operating loud machinery.
  7. Vision Loss: Vision loss can result from the improper handling of or exposure to chemicals, gases and other hazards. It is important to wear protective goggles when handling hazardous materials.
  8. Limb/Digit loss: Limbs loss results from falls or getting trapped while handling heavy machinery or equipment.
  9. Heat Stroke: Working in hot weather conditions can cause workers to suffer heat stroke. Some symptoms are nausea, light headedness and fainting. If untreated, heat stroke can lead to brain, heat, kidney damage or death.
  • Stress Injuries: Stress injuries often occur on the back due to constant lifting, bending or particular movements that put stress on spine. This can result in permanent back injury or disability.

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Construction workers need to be aware of the common construction site injuries that take place in order to prevent them, by taking the necessary safety precautions. If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury, suffering and losses. Contact Rockland Injury Lawyers for legal help. Call: (847)-709-8005/ (800)-940-1799 or Email: /

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