Conditions Leading to Outdoor Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident is one of the most common personal injury lawsuits. Different conditions can cause a slip and fall accident. If the owner of the property, where your slip and fall accident occurred, did not take the necessary precautions to fix the problem, he/she is legally liable for your injury. Below are some conditions that can lead to outdoor slip and fall accidents.

Ice or snow outside a building

The law does not require the owner of a property to remove ice or snow that has accumulated outside his/her building. However, if there is an unnatural accumulation of ice or snow, the owner of the property is liable for any accident that may occur, such as when:

  • There is an accumulation of ice on the roof that melts and drips off due to a clogged drain, which later refreezes again.
  • The sloping surface of a parking lot causes the melting ice to form puddles, and then later refreeze into ice patches.
  • The property owner chooses to remove the ice or snow and does so in a negligent manner.

Insufficient lighting

Inadequate lighting may lead to accidents involving slip and falls in parking lots, trips over curbing, falls on a step or stairs from a parking lot to a store, and trips and falls due to holes, cracks, and uneven surfaces. A property owner/possessor may be liable if he/she knew or should have known of the poor lighting and failed to remedy the situation.

Poorly maintained parking lots

The owner of a parking lot is responsible for maintaining it and keeping it safe for people to use. This includes patching cracks and filling holes. He/she also needs to ensure that the height difference from one section of the parking lot to the other is gradual and not abrupt to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Slippery sidewalks

The owner of a property is not responsible for accidents that result from a slip and fall on a public sidewalk located on his/her property. However, some courts can impose liability on a business for an injury on a sidewalk that is used only for customers coming to his/her business. He/she will also be liable if a dangerous condition exists on his/her own private walkway.

Get Legal Help with a Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall accidents lead to time away from work and expensive medical bills. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, contact the attorneys at Rockland Injury Lawyers. We will work hard to claim maximum compensation for your injuries. Call us at 845-709-8005, 800-940-1799 or send an email to or

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