Conditions that Lead to IndoorSlip and Fall Accidents

IndoorSlip and Fall Accidents

Thousands of individuals suffer from slip and fall injuries every year. Making slip and fall accidents the most recurrent lawsuit with regards, to personal injury. There are many different conditions that could lead to a slip and fall accident while you’re indoors. If the owner of the property failed to take necessary action to prevent the possibility of a slip and fall accident, he or she is legally responsible for the accident.

Here is a list of some common conditions that may lead to an indoor slip and fall accident:


A property owner will be liable when the following conditions occur:

  • Failure to put adequate warning signs that the floor is wet and being cleaned, such as a “wet floor” sign
  • Using too much wax or polish
  • Failure to barricade an area that is wet or damp
  • Treating only a section of the floor which may cause a slip and fall accident
  • Applying floor treatment to a sloping or inclining part of the floor
  • Failure to use floor treatment which has non-skid ingredients
  • Negligence of the owner may also result in a slip and fall accident indoors. This could happen when:

    • There are broken or torn floor rugs or carpets. Rugs or mats that have a curled edge or holes with edges sticking up.
    • Objects caught in the carpet that protrude out and causes a person to slip or fall.

Escalators or elevators

Unexpected or sudden movements or jerks in the elevator could cause a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents could also occur when a piece of clothing, footwear or any part of the body gets stuck in certain parts of the machinery.


A property owner will be liable for a slip and fall accident on their stairs if they were aware of its dangerous condition yet did nothing to fix it. A property owner will be liable when the following conditions occur:

  • Stairs that have become rounded because it’s worn-out
  • Debris on the stairs
  • Missing or broken handrail
  • Lack of nonskid material on the surface of the stairs

Rockland Injury Lawyers Can Help You

Victims of a slip and fall accident can receive compensation for any medical expense, lost wages and for the pain and suffering they have experienced. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, then slip and fall accident attorneys at Rockland Injury Lawyers can help you. We work hard to claim maximum compensation for your injuries. Call us at 800-940-1799 or send an email to or

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