How to Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents in NY

In New York, slip and fall accidents on sidewalks are common. Although walking on pavement and taking a stroll may seem harmless, it can become dangerous. Hidden hazards like potholes, cracks, uneven pavement and ice can cause slip-and-fall accidents and serious injuries.

During winter, people slip and fall more often because of ice and slippery surfaces. During the rainy season, a slip or fall might occur due to water filled potholes or rainwater on the floor.

Tips to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents in NY:

•There should be regular shoveling, sanding or salting during winter as sidewalks become icy and slippery, or piled with snow.
•Wear tough protected boots and walk at a slower pace on snowy or icy sidewalks.
•During the rainy season watch for potholes filled with water, as this could give the illusion of cemented pavement.
•Any conditions which may lead to sidewalk injuries should be reported to building owners responsible for the sidewalk or to law enforcement. This may keep other pedestrians safe.

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