Important Documents for a Car Accident Claim

Documents for a Car Accident Claim

Car accident victims injured due to the negligence of others can make a claim for compensation. In order to have a valid car accident claim, one must prove some facts, about the accident, including liability, injuries, and damages. This process involves certain documentation. Car accident claims documents fall into three categories: proof of the accident, medical testimony, and personal impact. Collecting necessary documents as soon as possible can help you build a strong case.

Proof of the accident

It is vital to show how the accident happened. To provide proof of the accident, you need the following documents:

Police report:

A police report provides the initial estimation of the accident, damages and other details surrounding it. The police can establish the root cause of the crash by interviewing witnesses and observing other conditions such as other vehicles involved in the crash, road conditions and weather.

Witness statements:

This a statement of what witnesses perceived in the event. It provides an additional proof of the accident and plays an important role in lawsuits.


This provides visual evidence of the initial impact, including the accident scene, injuries, vehicle, and property damages. Photographs are analyzed extensively during the claim process.

Medical testimony

These documents are created by all medical professionals who attended to the injured victim. Medical testimony includes:

Medical records:

It provides an assessment of injuries or conditions the person suffered as a result of the accident. The records encompass all physicians that attended to the accident victim.

Medical bills:

This is a documentation of the injured victim’s medical expense, including all doctor’s visits, medical tests, medical devices and medications. Documenting the medical costs and bills is essential in securing fair compensation for current and future treatment.

Personal Impact

This is a documentation of the impact the accident had on the victim’s everyday life. It allows the injured victim to receive both economical and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment.

Lost income estimates:

These are statements from employees about the injured victims lost wages and other lost income opportunities. It provides a basis for estimating the total loss of income and loss of future earning capacity.

Documentation of missed enjoyment:

Injured victims are entitled to compensation for missed life experiences or enjoyment as a result of a car accident. This provides documentation of events or opportunities missed due to hospitalization from the injury (a graduation ceremony, a football game, etc.).

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