Personal Injury Attorneys in Rockland County – Stages of Filing a Personal Injury Case

If you are involved in an accident, then you may suffer several injuries like head injuries, fractures or back injuries. You can file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party and claim compensation for your injuries.

Stages of Filing a Personal Injury Case

1. Contact a personal injury attorney: Immediately after the accident, it is important to hire a personal injury attorney to discuss the incident.
2. Filing a personal injury lawsuit: Your attorney can help file your case within the time limit.
3. Collecting evidence: In this stage, you need to collect evidence like opposite party’s name, license number, and policy number.
4. Pre-trial: This stage determines the rules both parties must follow during litigation. In some cases, the case may end here.
5. Settlement: In this stage, both parties can settle and end the case without a trial.
6. Trial: In this stage, both parties present their arguments and evidence. The jury will make a judgement regarding the case.
7. Collect money after judgement: After the judgement, the victim may or may not receive compensation.

Personal Injury Attorney in Rockland

If you have been injured in an accident, then you need to hire a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys at Rockland Injury Lawyers have the experience to help you navigate the legal system. Call 845-709-8005 / 800-940-1799 for a consultation with Rockland Injury lawyers.

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