Rear- end Auto Accidents

Rear-end auto accident
Rear-end auto accidents auto accidents are the most common types of automobile accidents. Every year, there are 3, 000, 000 auto accidents in the U.S. Rear-end auto accidents usually occur when a driver doesn’t keep a safe distance between their car and the vehicle in front of them. In the majority of cases, it is the rear driver who is held responsible for the accident, although the driver in front may sometimes be held liable.

Situations causing rear-end auto accidents

As mentioned above, rear-end auto accidents can occur in any situation where a driver is following a car too closely behind to stop safely. Such accidents are most likely to occur:

  • When the driver in the rear is either distracted, fatigued or inattentive
  • In very heavy traffic when vehicles are packed closely to each other
  • When the driver in the rear is driving at a high speed
  • When the vehicle in front cuts off another driver
  • At intersections when the driver of the vehicle in front slows down
  • When the driver in the rear is tailgating and moves too close to the driver in front
  • When the vehicle in front stops short

Common causes of rear-end auto accidents

Some common cause of rear-end auto accidents are:

Tailgating – When a driver tailgates, he may not be able to stop quickly enough when the driver in front comes to a sudden stop.

Distraction – Use of cell-phone, eating, putting on makeup, listening to loud music, conversing with passengers, or looking away from the road are a few distractions that frequently cause accidents.

Intoxication – When a driver is intoxicated, it compromises a driver’s reflex. It impairs the drivers to make any judgement. Intoxicated drivers are also most likely to fall asleep while driving.

Weather conditions – Weather conditions such as rain, snow, slush, ice, high winds, and fog can affect a driver’s ability to see. It can prevent a driver from being able to stop in time, and keep the car within the lane.

Road defects – Rear-end auto accidents can be caused by potholes, stop signs bent or obscured by foliage, and non-working traffic signals.

Speeding – When a driver speeds, it not only reduces the amount of time necessary to avoid an accident, but also increases the accident risk and makes it severe if it occurs.

Common injuries in rear-end auto accidents

Back injuries – When rear-end auto accidents happen, the force of impact, even at low speeds, can compress the spine and the disks located in the lower back area of the spinal column. The pain and soreness resulting from it can be unbearable.

Whiplash injuries – Whiplash injuries are one of the most common injuries that occurs in rear-end auto accidents. It occurs when the neck, shoulders, and spine suddenly and violently move, or “snap” beyond their normal range.

Face and head injuries – Many rear-end auto accidents occur at speeds of less than 20 miles per hour and airbags do not deploy at such speed. When airbags don’t deploy, the driver’s face can smash into the steering wheel, breaking the nose, or fracturing the cheek and jawbone.

Wrist, finger, hand, and arm injuries – The force of a rear-end auto accident can cause the wrists, hands, fingers, and arms to jerk violently on the steering wheel and hit the sun visor. The same injuries can happen to the passengers.

Legal action after a rear-end auto accident

When a rear-end accident happens, the driver in the front vehicle can usually pursue an auto accident claim against the rear driver because it is the driver in the rear who is usually at fault. Negligent drivers in the rear are responsible for compensating injured victims for damages arising from the accident, such as medical costs, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Sometimes, the driver in the front vehicle can be held responsible for a rear-end accident if that driver stopped short or cut another driver off. When a rear-end auto accident occurs due to negligence of multiple drivers, an injured auto accident victim can still recover compensation for the damages. The injured victim’s compensation will be reduced by the percentage of fault that he or she bears for the accident.

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