Recovering Compensation After a Gym Injury

Gym injury

Many people rely on gyms for exercise and maintenance of bodily health. An injury in the gym can have serious consequences. If you have suffered a serious gym injury, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. Getting the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer is important. Your lawyer will help you determine liability and compensation.

Who is Liable?

Different parties may be held liable depending on the circumstances of your injuries.

You: If you don’t use equipment properly or fail to pay attention while you’re working out.

The Gym: The gym is responsible for maintaining a safe workout environment. If you trip on a wet, uneven floor, or suffer an injury because of faulty or improperly maintained equipment, the gym may be liable. The gym may be accountable if your injuries occurred because of poor or dangerous advice given by a personal trainer or other gym staff member.

The equipment manufacturer: If your injury occurred because of poorly designed equipment, the equipment manufacturer may be responsible.

Other individuals: If you suffered injuries because someone else intentionally or carelessly injured you, that individual may be responsible.

Recovering Compensation

The victim of a gym injury may be able to recover the following types of compensation:

Economic losses: The injured victim is entitled to economic losses if the injury caused him or her to take time off from work.

Pain and suffering: If the injury is serious, the victim may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. This is specifically given in case of a serious disfigurement or the loss of function of a necessary bodily function.

Medical expenses: The injured victim may be able to recover medical bills, prescriptions, and other hospital fees paid during treatment.

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