Signs of Abuse in Nursing Homes

About 1.2 million US citizens 65 years of age or older have been mistreated, exploited or injured by a caregiver. Nursing home abuse can take many forms. Therefore, it is imperative to be aware of the signs of nursing home abuse so that timely action can be taken. The warning signs of nursing home abuse include:

  1. Suspicious injuries: Any unusual physical injuries like bruises, broken bones, lacerations, scars, welts, sprains, dislocations and restraint marks on wrists and ankles can be an indication of abuse.
  2. Caregiver behavior: The behavior of caregivers may show warning signs of nursing home abuse. For example, if the caregiver is hesitant or unwilling to give you privacy when visiting, or the caregiver is not comfortable in the presence of the nursing home resident, this may be an indication of abuse.
  3. Damaged property: When visiting your loved ones, if you see any damaged property such as broken furniture and torn clothing, it may be an indication of physical abuse.
  4. Changes in behavior: Unusual or sudden changes in the behavior of your loved ones can be an indication of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. Some signs include your loved one’s attitude toward the facility and its staff, withdrawal, advanced signs of dementia, rapid physical deterioration and any intensification of mental health-related ailments.
  5. Unexpected or unexplained death: Nursing home residents are usually elderly and suffering from physical ailments. Therefore, physical abuse at the hands of a younger, healthier person can possibly result in death.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from abuse in their nursing home facility, immediately obtain the help of a nursing home abuse attorney to seek justice. At Rockland Injury Lawyers, we help nursing home abuse victims get justice and recover compensation for the injuries they have sustained. Call us at 800-940-1799, 718-775-3614 or email

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