Steps to Take After a Construction Accident

Construction accident injury

Being involved in a construction accident can be an overwhelming and traumatic experience for a worker. However, the steps you take following the accident can make a significant difference in the compensation you recover under workers’ compensation and other sources. Here are some tips from the experienced construction accident lawyers at Rockland Injury Lawyers on the steps you should take in the event of a construction accident:

Seek medical attention: A construction accident can result in a serious injury. Seek medical attention immediately following the accident. This is crucial for your health and wellbeing, and doctor’s notes and medical records are important in the claims process.

Notify your supervisor: Within 30 days of the accident, inform your supervisor in writing about the accident and how it took place. It is always good to write down everything that happened as soon as possible so that you remember every detail of the accident.

Obtain contact information: If co-workers or any other individuals witnessed your accident, obtain their names, addresses and phone numbers. Information from these witnesses can help your case in the future.

File a claim: File an employee claim form with the workers’ compensation board. You must file it within two years of the time of your accident or injury. Failure to file your claim within the given time limits could lead to losing your rights to receive compensation.

Retain legal representation: If you have suffered a serious injury, it is advisable that you retain legal representation to manage all the specifics of your claim. Although not all cases go to trial, it is still important to have an experienced lawyer review your case. He or she will prioritize your needs and fight on your behalf.

File an appeal (if necessary): You may file an appeal if your workers’ compensation claim is denied. You have 30 days to appeal your claim. There are several levels of appeal that can be accessed by an injured worker. Your lawyer will help you navigate the system.

Our construction accident lawyers can help.

If you have been injured in a construction site accident and are looking for strong legal representation, contact Rockland Injury Lawyers immediately. Our lawyers have the experience and skills to handle construction accident cases. Call us at 847-709-8005 and 800-940-1799 or email us at or

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