Store’s Liability in a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accident

If you sustained an injury in a slip and fall accident in a store, you may have a valid legal claim against the business. Every store is obligated to take certain steps to keep customers safe on its premises. Therefore, if a customer is injured in a slip and fall accident on the store’s premises, he/she can make a valid legal claim against it.

A store’s duty to maintain safe premises

A store has a legal duty to keep its premises reasonably safe for the protection of its customers. When a slip and fall accident happens at a store due to unsafe conditions, the store may be liable for injuries. A store’s responsibility to compensate customers who slip and fall on the premises often depends on the specific facts of the particular accident. Common conditions that can lead to a slip and fall accident in a store are:

  • Accumulation of snow or ice in the entry way.
  • Errant floor mats.
  • Items on display haphazardly placed and falling in the pathway of customers.
  • Poor lighting that leads to poor visibility.
  • Puddle in an aisle.

Holding a store liable for a slip and fall accident

A store can be legally responsible for the presence of unsafe conditions under the following circumstances:

  • If the store owner created the unsafe condition, such as using an exceptionally slippery wax to clean its floors.
  • If the store owner knew of the condition, even he or she did not create it, but failed to take necessary action to fix the problem. For example, if one customer spills a drink, and another customer falls and suffers injuries, the store may be held liable for that injury. However, to hold the store liable, the injured person must prove that the store owner neglected to clean the spill even though he/she was aware of its presence and had a reasonable amount of time to clean it up and prevent an accident. The injured party may also prove that the store knew or should have known that spilled products were common in the store, but it failed to have a system in place to monitor and clean up such spills.
  • The injured customer must also prove that the unsafe condition was not open and obvious that it was unavoidable.

Evidence showing proof of liability

When the customer who sustained a slip and fall injury in a store shows valid and documented injuries from the incident, he/she can expect to receive compensation for the losses suffered due to the accident. Whether the store should have taken steps to fix an unsafe condition or whether the customer should have noticed and avoided the condition will be the focal point of the settlement negotiation.

Evidence showing proof of liability

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