Who is Liable for Construction Accidents?

Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be dangerous places to work. When construction accidents occur, determining liability can become complicated because of the large number of persons involved in a construction project. The number of possibly liable parties depends on how large the project is. The following describes the liable parties for construction accidents.

General contractors and subcontractors

Both general contractors and subcontractors have a legal obligation to ensure that construction sites are safe for workers. They have a responsibility to warn workers of possible construction site hazards and hazards in the work they are performing. They must ensure that work is being performed safely. They are also responsible for hiring competent employees and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. Subcontractors are responsible for ensuring job safety and following OSHA regulations that are applicable to their part of the project.

Property owners

Property owners have a duty to keep and maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. When someone is injured on their property, they will be liable if they knew, or should have known, of the hazardous condition. Since owners visit construction sites frequently and are involved in decision-making with respect to safety concerns, they could be liable if something goes wrong. If they have given control of the premises to independent contractors, they may not be liable for construction accidents.

Architects and engineers

Architects and engineers can be liable for construction accidents if they fail to meet safety standards in their designs. They have the responsibility of avoiding construction accidents by ensuring that their plans are not defective. It is their duty to ensure compliance with plans and details of the construction, and to perform site inspections to ensure compliance with code regulations.

Manufacturers of construction machinery or equipment

Manufacturers of construction machinery or equipment can be held liable if the design and manufacture of that equipment has been found to be faulty, defective or unsafe for construction workers. According to product liability law, manufacturers of construction machinery or equipment have a duty to design products that are reasonably safe for use.


Construction companies are required to carry adequate insurance coverage. Property owners or managers may be required to carry premises or property liability insurance; general contractors and subcontractors need workers’ compensation insurance, commercial general liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance.

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