Who is Liable for Nursing home Injury or Abuse?

Nursing home Injury or Abuse

A nursing home facility owes a duty of care to its residents. The facility must provide residents with a safe environment and all reasonable and necessary services. When the facility neglects its duties and as a result, a resident suffers injuries or is abused, the nursing home may be held legally responsible. Incidents of abuse or injury for which a nursing home can be held liable often fall into the following categories:

  • negligent hiring of staff
  • failure to monitor staff
  • failure to provide adequate security
  • failure to provide for daily necessities such as food and water
  • failure to address medical needs or provide medication
  • failure to protect residents from health and safety hazards
  • intentional abuse by staff members

In the majority of nursing home abuse cases, it is the nursing home which is generally held legally responsible. However, in some situations, a third party may also be liable for injuries or abuse suffered by a resident. Instances under which third parties may be held legally responsible are:

  • If a third party contractor was given the task of maintaining or providing security on the premises but their negligence resulted in injury to a resident, the contractor may be held responsible.
  • If a supplier or manufacturer provided the nursing home facility with faulty equipment which led to an injury, the supplier or manufacturer may be responsible.
  • If a medical provider who treated the resident at a hospital or any other outside facility abused or neglected a resident, the medical provider may be held responsible.

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