Worker’s Compensation Claim for Construction Accidents

Worker falls from ladder

A construction site can be a dangerous place to work in and injuries sustained in a construction accident can be serious. If you have been injured while working at a construction site, any legal claim you make may be affected by worker’s compensation laws. Worker’s compensation is a system of laws that provide specific benefits to an injured employee. This includes lost wages and medical expenses. Filing a worker’s compensation claim is like filing an insurance claim. When you file a worker’s compensation claim, you will be entitled to the following:

Medical Care

As the injured party, you have the right to receive treatment to cure and relieve the effects of the injury. All your medical bills, prescriptions and travel to the hospital will be covered. You will have to use the services of the company doctor for a period of 30 days following which you can choose a doctor of your choice.

Temporary Disability

If due to your injury you must take time away from work you may be entitled to temporary disability payments. This will provide partial compensation for wages you have lost. A temporary disability payment is given out every two weeks and equals about two-thirds of average weekly gross pay.

Permanent Disability

If the injuries you have suffered at the construction site are very serious and you can’t completely recover from it, you could be entitled to a monetary award. Permanent disability implies that you have lost the ability to work like you used to. How much of a limitation the injury places on your activities will determine the amount and rate of compensation you will receive. Some other factors that may be taken into consideration include your age, occupation and earnings at the time of injury.

Vocational Rehabilitation

If the injury that you have suffered prevents you from returning to your former job, your benefits will include receiving assistance to get another job. The vocational rehabilitation benefit usually has a maximum monetary limit and may be replaced by an offer of modified work from the employer.

Call Rockland Injury Lawyers for your Construction Accident Claim

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