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Car Accidents Are on the Rise

With the growth in population and the amount of traffic in New York, the car accident rate has increased at an alarming speed over the past decade. Tragically, deaths due to auto accidents have increased, as well. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 33,000 people in the United States die every year due to car accidents. Based on New York state highway safety data from 2013, there were 304,804 motor vehicle crashes in New York. These motor vehicle crashes include 1,188 fatalities and 169,177 injuries in total.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in New York

  • Mechanical failure
  • Drunk driving, distraction, or fatigue
  • Poor condition of roads
  • Inexperienced drivers, especially teens
  • Poor visibility due to bad weather

It only takes one second of distracted driving, one poor decision made by an inexperienced driver, one shredded tire to cause a fatal accident and change lives forever.

Effects of Car Accidents

There are three areas of impact that result from all car accidents: the physical, the financial, and the emotional.

The physical effects range from minor cuts and bruises (which can still be signs of more serious health issues such as organ damage and internal bleeding) to severe bodily harm, such as spinal injuries, brain damage, and even death. Sometimes, the full extent of a person’s injury is not immediately obvious after an accident and can take months to develop. Damage to the limbs or the spine, which is common in car accidents, can require both immediate and ongoing care to treat, including hospitalization, surgery, medication, and physical therapy. Injuries from more severe accidents may require that the person use an assistive device in order to regain functionality and mobility. We urge all victims of car accidents to seek medical attention, no matter the extent of your injuries.

After seeing the potential physical effects of a car accident, it’s easy to understand how medical costs can all-too-quickly grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to medical expenses, the person’s vehicle is damaged, and even if insurance covers the full cost of repairs, the car’s value is now reduced. The victim misses work while they recover or, in cases of partial or total disability, are not able to return to work in full capacity or at all, so their lost income must be included in the financial burden. Car accidents can easily lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and lost wages for one individual alone.

The emotional trauma caused by a car accident is harder to quantify than the financial effects—and perhaps harder to diagnose than the physical ones—but of equal importance in terms of impact on the victim’s life. People who have experienced car accidents, even more minor ones, often suffer emotional distress that can interfere with their ability to function in their daily life, maintain their relationships, and thrive in their career. Many victims experience depression, increased anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hiring an experienced car accidents attorney can ensure that none of the major areas of impact on your life is neglected. In order to move forward and be well, you need resources to help recover from the physical, financial, and emotional burden you’ve suffered.

Common Insurance Policies for Car Accidents

The immediate step after a car accident is to cover your losses through your auto insurance policies. Some common insurance policies purchased in the US include:

  • Insurance for bodily injuries suffered in an auto accident
  • Insurance for property damage
  • Personal injury protection/medical payments to cover medical costs of the policyholder or any other member of the policyholder’s family
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to cover accidents by a driver without insurance or inadequate insurance to meet the expenses

Even with the best insurance policy, insurers often don’t want to give you the maximum amount you’re entitled to after an accident. Your car accidents attorney can handle all legal proceedings and negotiate insurance claims and settlements. After a car accident, it’s critical to hire a car accidents attorney in Rockland, New York, to claim full compensation for your losses and the emotional trauma you’ve experienced.

Car Accident Attorney in Nanuet, New York

Are you seeking the service of an effective and experienced auto accident attorney in New York? The Law Office of Reuven Epstein can help. We have been handling car accident cases in Rockland and Nanuet for over 36 years. We will fight to receive the full compensation you deserve.

We believe that our clients should move forward from their accidents with their full physical, financial, and emotional consequences taken into consideration. We handle each and every case with compassion and understanding for what victims of auto accidents have gone through. If you live in Nanuet, NY, you cannot find a better, more experienced advocate for your rights than attorney Reuven Epstein.

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