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The Law Office of Reuven Epstein
“It was really cool, the other side was low balling us from day one and we had to go to trial. Attorney Epstein gave a great opening statement that really moved the jurors. When he finished the other lawyer asked for a recess and went and called the insurance company, when he came back we settled the case for twice the amount they offered before. It was just like a movie”Gabriel N.
"You accomplished the impossible and I can’t thank you enough. Not only accomplishing what I thought wasn’t possible, you came out with an even better outcome."Christian M.
"Simply the best, God bless them!"Maria F.
"Your thoughts and kindness are greatly appreciated."Bianca H.
"Thank you so very much for all your generous help in our time of need. We will always remember your kindness."Cintia Le.
"I was victim of a medical malpractice case. Thankfully, I had an excellent medical malpractice lawyer by my side who won the lawsuit for me."Dennis H.
"I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I approached Rockland Injury Lawyers to help me. They took the case and immediately started working on helping me get my compensation. My lawyer was always responsive to my phone calls and emails. I felt comfortable and confident having an experienced law firm handle my complicated case."Travis C.
"I hired Mr. Reuven. I can honestly say Mr. Reuven did an exceptional job. I think the key to our winning the case was his preparation for the trial."Jack K.
"We contacted Reuven on my neighbor’s suggestion. Glad that we made the right decision."Ted A.
"I used Reuven Epstein as my lawyer. He was compassionate and responsible during all our interactions. He is a smart lawyer who will help you out to the absolute best of his ability. I strongly recommend him to others."A Satisfied Client
"I appreciate the professionalism of you and your staff and the fair treatment in this matter."Donald R.
"Expect the peace of mind of knowing your case will be handled by an experienced law firm."Debbie K.
"My family and I appreciate everything you have done."SM Pomona
"My case was a tough case, but Attorney Epstein kept fighting for me and got a good settlement."Victoria, Nanuet
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