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Surprisingly, there are a lot of truck accidents in New York and New York City. However, more important than the statistics of how often they occur is how devastating those types of accidents are. The size of the vehicles and the higher speeds on the highways often mean disastrous accidents between large trucks and other drivers.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of These Large Commercial Vehicles Or Large Trucking Accidents?

Truck accidents often occur because it is harder to drive a large truck or large rig. It takes longer to stop and maneuver a large commercial truck. There are more blind spots, and it is more challenging to drive up-hill and down-hill. They also face more challenges in certain climate conditions, such as icy weather. In reality, there are a lot of factors that can cause truck accidents.

What Are The Main Ways That Large Truck Accidents Differ From Passenger Vehicle Only Accidents?

Large truck accidents differ from passenger vehicle (only) accidents in two important ways. One, the fact that a car might be able to avoid an accident with another car is not normally available for a truck. Trucks are not as fortunate. That’s because of the size and difficulty of maneuvering a large truck. It takes a large truck much longer to slow down and stop. The second factor that differentiates a passenger only vehicle accident from a truck accident is the magnitude of the damages. If there is a collision between two cars, the impact might be relatively small with little damage. If, however, you’re hit by a big rig, the damage could be catastrophic.

What Are Some Of The Severe Injuries That Result From Accidents Involving Large Trucks Or Commercial Vehicles?

Large truck or commercial vehicle accidents can cause an entire array of injuries. A lot of them can be truly devastating to the people involved. We have seen people suffer from brain damage, multiple broken bones, and fatalities. The injuries can run the whole gamut. Frankly, that can also happen in an automobile accident, but statistically speaking, it’s much more likely that a truck accident will cause a fatality than an auto accident.

What Evidence At The Scene Is Important To Preserve And Collect In These Cases? What Are Some Of The Takeaways That Your Own Personal Investigators Down At The Scene Will Collect Since These Accidents Are Pretty Severe And Most People Aren’t Able To Gather Evidence Themselves?

Many times, when someone has been in an accident on a highway with a truck, they’re not going to be able to gather the evidence the way they might have if it would have been an accident at an intersection with another car. They might be shaken up, but they’re not suffering devastating injuries. As such, they would be able to get the information that they would need. If a person is able, and if they have the physical ability and presence of mind, they should try to collect all the things that we recommend in our personal injury book when involved in a car accident. Most notably, you need to get the other driver’s information. You need to look at your vehicle, at the point of impacts, and where the other vehicle or truck hit your car. You need to be able to physically describe what happened. You need to recall what you were doing, and what the other vehicle was doing. It’s really important to get witnesses on the scene, if possible. If you don’t get them at that point, you might not ever get them. You should take pictures if you have the ability to do so. Pictures are really important. Take pictures of both vehicles, the surroundings, and the road.

What Is The Timeframe That I Have To File A Personal Injury Claim After Being Involved In A Trucking Accident Case In New York?

If you are involved in a trucking accident in New York, the timeframe or statute of limitations, is three years. It is not any different for a truck accident than it would be for an auto accident. Therefore, the general rule of thumb for most personal injury claims in New York is three years. There are a couple of important exceptions. For instance, if it is an incident involving a state, municipal, or local governmental entity, the timeframe is limited in two important ways. One, you only have one year and 90 days, not three years, to file a claim. Two, your ability to file that claim is contingent upon giving the municipal entity notice of your claim. You must give notice and file the notice of the claim within 90 days of the incident. Most of the time, people are unaware of these specifics. Therefore, you have been involved in a truck or car accident, or any type of injury claim involving a governmental entity, you need to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible.

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